The Alliance for Democracy and Development(ADD) says Zambia needs economic growth rates of between 11-13 percent to accelerate efforts of attaining the Vision 2030.
ADD president Charles Milupi said the current growth rate of about 6 percent is
not adequate to accelerate the country’s attainment of the Middle Income
Mr. Milupi who is also ADD Luena Member of Parliament, was speaking during a
Live Radio Phoenix programme dubbed “Let The People Talk” monitored by ZANIS in
Lusaka today.
He cautioned Zambians against voting out the government for the sake of regime
change in the forthcoming elections but should usher in political parties with
programmes and policies on how to improve their livelihood.
Mr Milupi further cautioned Zambians to scrutinse those aspiring for political
office in the 2011 Presidential and General elections to ensure that only
credible leaders that can consolidate the current economic gains scored
And of the Barotseland Agreement, Mr. Milupi called on government to allow the
citizenry to freely debate on the matter to avoid getting prominence to
politicians who are paddling falsehoods on the “Agreement”.
He said there is serious misinformation regarding the “Agreement” as some
opposition politicians who have not even read the “Agreement” are in the
forefront championing the issue by promising restoration of the “Agreement”.
Mr. Milupi warned politicians against confusing the people just to get to
political mileage on a serious matter that set the basis of the country, Zambia.
He charged that no presidential candidate can rely on regionalism as a platform
to get to State House but the support of the entire country.


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