UN bemoans lack of laws against domestic violence

BY Ndumba Lister

UN under secretary general and executive Director of the newly established UN women , Michell  Brachelet said partnership  and sufficient funding  are the practical concerns threatening  further progress in combating violence. .

She said that the secretary General  is seeking to raise $100million annually by 2015 for the trust fund to end violence against women in line with the theme for the 2010 international day,underscored the need for strong funding and multisectoral expertise

Ms  Brachelet said this at the UN Secretary General’s Event on violence against women held in New York ahead of the international day of Elimination of violence against women.

She added that  despite the progress in encouraging national policies aimed at reducing violence against women, there  are some  gaps which need to be addressed.

She noted that more than 100 countries had no specific laws against domestic violence and 70 percent of women world wide had experienced physical or sexual violence at hands of men during their life time.

Ms Brachelet added that violence has affected women’s ability to succeed in schools, in workplace and in public life and also undercut vital efforts to archieve gender equality on wider level.

And speaking at same  function, Tusunge Ana  Athu  Akazi Coalition(TAAAC)project coordinator and a member of international women’s rights organization Equality Now, Shupe Makashinyi  says there is need for concerted efforts to end violence  against women and girls.

Ms Makashinyi highlighted multisectoral projects aiming at empowering girls and establishing safe spaces for them as well as training lawyers, paralegals and health workers as means of responding to the needs of the victims of violence.

She emphasized the need to train girls and women as role models in the community  and said that her organization has put in measures to train young women to work with both private sector and the government.

Stake holders and the corporate sector from various countries which included Zanbia met in New York  recently to  look into the need to financially support  the UN Trust Fund.


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